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IMDb Profile Page for bob_meg So after you download one, the system will modify your .paz files, before continue with the download of the others. 486.pap is one of the largest file (500MB), which can cause a random corruption (i ve seen it too many times, at it was always a different "corruption"). Hey there, The patching issues some players were experiencing have been fixed. In order to download the latest patch, simply completely remove your version.dat file from your installation directory and open your Launcher again. In case you are still unable to update your client, make sure that you are not using a VPN as it's highly likely your download is blocked due to it's use. I have had a similar error, Pap 486. I found another post dating back to the end of July which listed a lot of people trying different things with these errors. They have deleted the files mentioned and run the file checker. Rinse and repeat till the game downloads the current patch. Another has deleted and re-downloaded without success. Black Desert Online is a game developed by Pearl Abyss, a Korean company, and licensed for Oceania, North America and part of Europe by Kakao Games Europe B.V. Latest on twitter Tweets by BDO_News Hi, go here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online" and delete or rename all the .PAP files and try again, you should be good. While rare, .PAP file errors while downloading patches can be incredibly persistent. Before sending a ticket to the Customer Support service, it is advised that you delete your version.dat file along with all (if any) .PAP files located inside your game installation directory, and re-start your Launcher.. This will force the Launcher to go into repair mode, which will subsequently

Make sure its completed PAP file. After download all the PAP file. 4. Paste the All PAP file inside the How to Add Black Desert Online to Steam Overlay Guide - Duration: 4:24. Drunk3n Gaming

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Black Desert Online U have to download a few mbs the whole 28gb is just a check up thats why see it as 65+mb/s cus its just scanning the files and not downloading them chill already! I'm having the error, but I don't see ANY .pap files, even when I search for them. Where are they hiding? 0 replies 0 retweets 1 like. Follow api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll missing. This error is related to a missing update in your Windows installation. Simply downloading the update will resolve Acessa a pasta \steamapps\common\Black Desert Online SA e verá que tem um txt update.log Abre ele e vê os erros das linhas finais e posta ae para ver no que está travando Provavelmente é algum arquivo que a launcher nã consegue substituir e volta o processo.

1 Nov 2017 Another Patch , Another ERROR as always, I have deleted PAP files in i am not going to download another 40gb, i have limited internet. this 

1 Mar 2018 [118:059:11:39:48:0375] Patch Addition files download completed - C:\BlackDesert\patch_temp\ssvi [118:059:11:39:49:0634] client version: 73 PAP [118:059:11:42:36:2561] !ERROR! PatchApply Error [code: 31]:  If you have installed the client, you are having problems downloading new From the Black Desert website, download any PAP files numbered after the 26. 1 Nov 2017 Another Patch , Another ERROR as always, I have deleted PAP files in i am not going to download another 40gb, i have limited internet. this  I've read threads where download was taking too long (1 and a half day usually) So now it's stuck on : patching > error > check > patching > error > check > patching > error. PAP files in your BDO folder if there are some. 19 Jul 2017 After that i started BDO like normal and all went well after 4 days of trying It will download and fail with the normal .pap error you have been  17 Apr 2016 [SOLVED] Black Desert's - Corrupt File Error. Brunkton Daily. Loading Unsubscribe from Brunkton Daily? Game. Black Desert Online; 2014  6 Dec 2019 below in order to help you prepare for the great journey so feel free to take a peek! If you still cannot download the game, please refer to the minimum device Q. I'm getting the following message [Error Code: 104] option, game data will be saved on the installation file of the device you are using.

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